Target Work, Part of the Next Generation of LearnDoEarn

Target audience: Up to 50 general education students who may pursue post-secondary education or enter the workforce upon graduation from high school.

Format: Target Work units are delivered on-site by a trained NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation professional who utilizes multi-media presentations and engages students in interactive reinforcement activities.

Length: Flexibility to choose individual units or integrate all 21.5 hours into classes, or extended day/extended year programs.

Building on the success of the LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation was asked by educators to develop experiential workshops to assist general education students in preparing for the world after graduation. Topics within Target Work are parallel to those in Mission Transition, but with an additional focus on the value/need for some level of education beyond high school.

Target Work corrects faulty assumptions, uses the power of business as young adults’ future employers to motivate them to work harder, remain employable, and cultivate appropriate attitudes. Workforce data help participants make better behavioral decisions and understand an employer’s perspective.

Topics include:

Business Basics: building a supportive environment, teamwork, general workforce information, addressing adults in the workplace, meeting protocols
Communications: culture of school vs. business, language (writing, speech, body), attitude
Get Ready: building a network; greeting people; habits to cultivate

The Hiring Process: how to remain employable by developing valued skills
Apply Yourself: mock interviews, online job application process
Market Yourself: building/writing a basic résumé
The Interview: interview protocols
Get Essential Skills: define/prioritize 'soft' skills; self-evaluation
Hard Skills: disappearance of low skill jobs, create a plan for necessary preparation
Keep The Job: behavioral protocols; work ethic; ethics; manners; work/life issues
The Firing Process: reasons for dismissal
Financial Literacy: definition; health related to wealth
Grit: acquire grit, how to cultivate perseverance and tenacity
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