Remote Internship Experience, Part of the Next Generation of LearnDoEarn

Target audience: Up to 20 young adults (aged 16-24)

Format: Delivered on-site by a trained NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation professional, the project can weave throughout the academic year; be implemented in a particular semester/marking period, summer or after-school program; be a capstone project; or part of a credit-bearing course.

Length: The Remote Internship Experience takes approximately 2.5 to 3 months to complete.

Building on the success of the LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation was asked by educators to develop project-based learning activities for young adults eager to gain employability skills and work experience.

In the Remote Internship Experience (RIE), young adults serve as off-site ‘interns’ with the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce. They work in teams to deploy a social entrepreneurship project they conceive, plan, execute, measure and present. The project must make measurable improvements in a life (other students, younger children, adults, animals) or to the environment. At the discretion of the school/college, students can implement their projects within the school building or on campus, or in other locations such as a children’s hospital, nature center, homeless shelter, or senior citizens center.

Objectives and Outcomes of RIE:

  • develop leadership skills and become productive members of a team
  • reinforce learning through practical application of math and language skills
  • tap into personal strengths and creativity
  • build time-management abilities and an understanding of the demands of the workforce
  • practice research strategies, goal-setting, data-gathering and public speaking
  • utilize the vast skills and experience of the NJ Chamber Foundation which has an impeccable track record of providing unique educational experiences to students and young adults
  • assume responsibility at a level standard internships can’t duplicate
  • engage instructors and provide academic oversight and diagnostic observation

At the end of the project, student teams will present their projects/outcomes to a panel of judges comprised of business people who will select the team that has done the best job, made the most impact, and presented their project most professionally. One winning team will receive prizes.

Individuals who successfully complete the Remote Internship Experience will:

  • be granted permission to add the experience to their résumés,
  • be able to cite the Chamber, a highly respected independent business association that has an instantly recognized brand and a 100-year history in the state, as their internship organization,
  • receive a letter of recommendation from a Chamber executive
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