LearnDoEarn Experiential Games

You can help prepare today's young adults for the competitive worlds of college and careers with LearnDoEarn project-based learning activities. Choose one or more 'table games' to suit the needs of your students. All six games have been designed to generate scores that define winning teams or individuals, mirroring the competitive environments of college and work. Games can be used in class, in after-school or summer programs, or student workshops. Each game contains multiple activities, providing planned breaks, which allows the instructor to set the pace.

Add a subscription to AImostRealProducts.com for a comprehensive set of experiential workforce development activities. Game materials can serve up to 50 students at a time. Game licenses, which are one-year in length, allow for reproduction of materials for use with all individuals served by the organization during the license period. Grade levels are suggestions only. Download the full brochure here.

  • The Ready Set Interview Game reviews how to prepare for, and succeed in job interviews including dressing for success, proper handshakes and answering common interview questions. For individuals in grades six through twelve.
  • The Walk on the Work Side Game presents workplace issues that require teams to use their situational judgment.  Participants also learn how to give and receive constructive criticism through 360 degree reviews. For individuals in grades six through twelve.

  • The Hamburger Hamburger Café Game provides participants with practice in building personal and work calendars and teaches them how to balance responsibilities. Participants play the role of managers who make hiring/firing decisions and lose their bonuses when workers are late or absent. For individuals in grades six through nine.
  • The Hiring Game allows participants to play the role of a hiring manager and use signing bonuses to compete for the best engineering , managerial, and administrative talent. For individuals in grades eight through twelve.
  • The Budgeteering Game teaches personal financial literacy with an emphasis on saving, not spending. Participants create a four-month budget using diverse salaries; cope with rising prices; learn how education impacts desired lifestyle; and 'win' the game in unexpected ways. For individuals in grades eight through twelve.
  • The Avatar University Game simulates the college admissions process from a ‘behind-the-scenes’' perspective and helps participants learn what colleges consider and what students need to do to prepare. For college-bound students in grades eight through twelve-and their parents.

Each game takes approximately 90 minutes of intensely focused activity. Additional time to debrief and discuss the game experience is highly valuable.

To maintain low costs and a small environmental footprint, LearnDoEarn Game Kits include reusable paper materials (enough to accommodate 50 students per game session), disposable game worksheet originals that can be reproduced in unlimited quantities, and a flashdrive that contains the game. 

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