The LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System

LearnDoEarn offers unique motivational curriculum, School Counts!games, mobile app, and activities that help middle and high school students of all abilities understand exactly what they need to do to build the academic and behavioral foundations they will need for success in college and/or work. LearnDoEarn can be used to:

  • Improve student academic success
  • Increase interest in STEM courses and careers
  • Improve motivation and attitude
  • Ensure employability

LearnDoEarn is the only program that uses the inherent authority of the business community as future employers to create a clear roadmap for students, detailing the rigorous courses they should take, the grades they should earn, the amount of homework they should do, and the behaviors they should acquire and practice. LearnDoEarn makes students want to work harder. LearnDoEarn materials are also appropriate for targeted adult learners and job seekers.

Select information from LearnDoEarn games/modules:

  • By 2020, some level of college will be required for most available jobs (75 - 85 percent).
  • Industry certificates often take only one year to earn, and can pay more than some four-year degrees.
  • Individuals with associate’s degrees can earn double the income of, and individuals with bachelor’s degrees can earn one million dollars more than, high school graduates.
  • Over 90 percent of the fastest growing jobs will require one year of education beyond high school and an industry credential.
Learn Do Earn Student Achievement System from the NJCCF

The tight connection between high school achievement (in terms of the rigor of courses taken and grades received) and college degree attainment and employment opportunities is not well understood by most high school students and their parents. And that is the mission of LearnDoEarn: to reduce the level of underperformance of middle and high school students.

LearnDoEarn combines data from top-shelf academic research with information from business to bring students to the inescapable conclusion that they have no choice but to work hard, following unequivocal academic roadmaps delivered by LearnDoEarn curriculum and activities. LearnDoEarn is uniquely designed to make sure students are college and work-ready.

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