Education & Training

In the area of Education and Training, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation (NJCCF) strives to ensure that all students graduate from high school ready for post-secondary education, work, and life.  The NJCCF partners with national non-profits, K-12 schools, community-based organizations, NJ-based non-profits and government agencies to provide programs, services, workshops and products that help today's young adults prepare for the challenges ahead.

Programs and workshops listed below provide students with national models, engaging presentations, meaningful simulations, dynamic discussions, competitive team games, and interactions with business people, to ensure students achieve optimal high school outcomes.

Almost Real Products: A subscription-based website that offers job seekers a safe, secure environment to practice completing job applications and taking pre-employment screening tests.

LearnDoEarn: Unique motivational curriculum, games, mobile app, and activities that help middle and high school students of all abilities understand exactly what they need to do to build the academic and behavioral foundations they will need for success in college and/or work.

Mission Transition: Experiential workshops for high school students with cognitive or developmental disabilities transitioning from school to work.

Remote Internship Experience: Young adults (16-24) serve as off-site 'interns' with the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce during this project-based learning activity.  They work in teams to deploy a social entrepreneurship project they conceive, plan, execute, measure and present.

School Counts: High school-based student credentialing system that documents professional-level work ethic regarding attendance and punctuality, grades, obtaining more than the minimum graduation requirements and being on track for graduation. 

Target Work: Experiential workshops for general education students who may pursue post-secondary education or enter the workforce upon graduation from high school.

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